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          About the 2019 Roadmap

          Roadmap Highlights Webinar Series

          With the 2019 Roadmap, iNEMI marked 25 years of roadmapping the needs of the electronics manufacturing industry. The consortium published its first roadmap in 1994 and, over the years, the number of technology areas covered has grown and changed, but the focus has always remained on providing insights into the technology requirements for success throughout the supply chain.
          Development of iNEMI’s 2019 Roadmap was a global collaborative effort that engaged expert perspectives on the electronics manufacturing supply chain. Subject matter experts from all aspects of the electronics industry (manufacturers, suppliers, consortia, government agencies and universities) contributed to this latest roadmap. 
          As always, the iNEMI Roadmap anticipates the product needs of the future and defines the technology needs of key market segments by focusing on the market demands and functionality requirements of specific industry segments. It also identifies key technology developments anticipated and required within the supply chain to meet product needs between now and 2029. 

          New for 2019

          New this year are:

          ?   Smart Manufacturing Technology Working Group (TWG) chapter
          ?   Refocused Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Product Emulator Group (PEG) chapter (previously IoT)
          ?   Roadmap Overview, which provides an extensive synopsis of each individual chapter

          Release Schedule

          The 2019 Roadmap will be published in waves, with 2-8 chapters included in each wave, released every two to three weeks. The Overview and an Executive Summary will be made available after all 2019 chapters are released. (See below for a list of all chapters.)

          Pricing & Licensing Agreement

          The roadmap is free to iNEMI members. Pricing for non-members is outlined below. Buyers can purchase the full roadmap, or individual chapters. This cycle, we are also offering the Roadmap Overview as a standalone document and at a discounted price when purchased with a chapter.
          Use of purchased roadmap documents is restricted to the individual buyer, unless a licensing agreement is executed. Organizations are encouraged to license the complete roadmap to make it available to all employees. 
          *Licensing is only available for the complete roadmap, which includes all chapters, the Overview, Executive Summary and the key product attribute tables. Individual chapters cannot be licensed.

          For Additional Information


          2019 Roadmap Chapters
          (published chapters appear in blue)

          Product Emulator Groups (PEGs)

          Aerospace & Defense Industrial Internet of Things
          Automotive Medical
          Consumer & Office Portable & Wireless
          High-End Systems  

          Technology Working Groups (TWGs)

          Board Assembly Modeling, Simulation, & Design Tools  Semiconductor Technologies
          Ceramic Interconnects & Photovoltaics Optoelectronics Smart Manufacturing
          Connectors Organic PCB   Sustainable Electronics
          Flexible Hybrid Electronics Packaging Substrates & Components Thermal Management
          Mass Data Storage Passive Components  
          MEMS & Sensors Power Conversion Electronics